't Weekend Grafiekske

't Weekend Grafiekske was a magazine, linked to the radio station, aimed at the combined sales of radio advertisement and printed advertisements. — Read more: 't Weekend Grafiekske

24 Hours per Day

The radio station could be listened to 24 hours per day. — Read more: 24 Hours per Day

Advertising Sales

Revenue for the own operations came from the sales of airtime for commercials. — Read more: Advertising Sales

At Locations in Maaseik

The radio station had built an own network that connected pubs in the city with the studios. — Read more: At Locations in Maaseik

Bleumerstraat 59

The station had (rented) its own building on the Bleumerstraat (street) in Maaseik. A long, narrow building with three stories and a basement, that was in a bad condition for a long time already. — Read more: Bleumerstraat 59

Cassette Tapes

Many of the sound tracks on this web site come off of cassette tapes (compact cassettes). — Read more: Cassette Tapes

Charity Bingo Night

The radio station organizes a charity bingo night for one of its volunteers who ended up in a wheelchair. — Read more: Charity Bingo Night


Also follow our Facebook page. — Read more: Facebook

Grafiek Maaseik

When Belgian legislation for community radios dictates that no two radio stations could have the same name (or a similar), this worked out in favor of Radio Veronieka in Deinze, and Radio Veronica Anders Maaseik changed her name to Lokale Radio Grafiek Maaseik. — Read more: Grafiek Maaseik

Henri Kicken Video

We love the radio, but there is also video of our radio! — Read more: Henri Kicken Video

Keeping Track of Shows

In the beginning I kept accurate track of when I broadcasted on the radio station. It was a time of typewriters and titles were made with a letter mould. — Read more: Keeping Track of Shows

Known Names

Radio Veronica Anders Maaseik had her own famous stars − a state that I never reached there. Here follows a short overview. — Read more: Known Names


Of course the radio station had its own letterhead as can be seen here. — Read more: Letterhead

Me Arriving at RVAM

At an early age already "broadcasting" had an enormous appeal. Other boys may tell you about their ambitions at becoming a fire fighter, my dream was: "director of broadcasting". But what I really liked was the technology involved and radio as a medium. My first acquaintance with a real radio station was the hospital radio/TV. — Read more: Me Arriving at RVAM

Performances in the Bleumerstraat

Radio Grafiek organized a weekend with performances in a podium wagon along the Bleumerstraat. — Read more: Performances in the Bleumerstraat


Some shows made use of playlists. — Read more: Playlists

Press Id.

The radio station had no access to official press cards, but made its own identification cards for volunteers. — Read more: Press Id.

Production Agencies

Also some production agencies were involved with the radio station, or at least: labels that tried to behave as such. — Read more: Production Agencies

Promotion Team

Lokale Radio Grafiek Maaseik worked hard to get her new name known and even had an own promotion team. — Read more: Promotion Team

Radio Name

Starting to become a regular on Radio Veronica Anders Maaseik, I obviously needed my own name jingles. So "DJ Sander" dove into the studio with one of his radio buddies to record jingles. — Read more: Radio Name

René Shuman Visit

René Shuman gained national acclaim for his performance in the Soundmixshow with Henny Huisman. — Read more: René Shuman Visit


The logo of Radio Veronica Anders Maaseik is a strong reference to its home town, Maaseik. — Read more: RVAM Logo

Sports Programming

The radio station had with ups and downs a lively sports staff that took care of a number of shows and reports. — Read more: Sports Programming

Studio 2 Reconstruction

In 1996 the much-aged and heavily-worn equipment in studio 2 of the radio station was replaced by a brand new mixer (Dateq BCS) and accompanying furniture. — Read more: Studio 2 Reconstruction

Studio 4 Reconstruction

After the reconstruction and replacement of studio 2 the remaining parts could be used to also refurbish studio 4 one last time. — Read more: Studio 4 Reconstruction

Studio Technics

The layout of the studios 2 and 4 was mostly the same. — Read more: Studio Technics

The Fresh Bakery's Night

The Nacht van de Warme Bakker (Fresh Bakery's Night, or the Night of the Fresh Baker) was a special broadcast during the night, such as in 1989. — Read more: The Fresh Bakery's Night

The Making Of

Many hundreds of cassette tapes, MiniDiscs, photos, documents and my own memories were the sources of this web site. — Read more: The Making Of

Top 100 of the Year

The radio station also had its own hit parades. The year overviews of these hit lists were always nice round-ups of the year. — Read more: Top 100 of the Year


The transmitter that the radio station used was a Pascal FM 50 on FM frequency 105.6 MHz. — Read more: Transmitter


This web site contains a large quantity of content regarding the radio station. But some favorites can be pointed out. — Read more: Treasures


Here follows a non-exhaustive list of volunteers of the radio station. — Read more: Volunteers

Vrije Vogel

Vrije Vogel Radio (Free Bird Radio) was possibly the most direct competitor of Radio Veronica Anders Maaseik. — Read more: Vrije Vogel

Web Site in English

A large part of this web site is also available in English. That might seem strange for a radio station from an area where Dutch is spoken. — Read more: Web Site in English

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Geen Ander dan Sander

Sander decided in the summer seasons 1994 and 1995 to fill the hour on Sunday afternoon of the Wammes Eurke as it was broadcast in the winter season. This happened under the name: "Geen Ander Dan Sander" ("No Other than Sander").

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