Known Names

Radio Veronica Anders Maaseik had her own famous stars − a state that I never reached there. Here follows a short overview.

For instance deejay Patrick Kicken, who after some detours at various local radio stations ended at national, Dutch stations such as 3FM (TROS, VARA) and Radio Veronica. Also his brother Henri Kicken started at Radio Veronica Anders Maaseik and is now a valued party-deejay as "DJ Kicken".

Mona (an alias of Loek Kessels-Brandt) got her fame with a big audience with her readers' letters section "Lieve Mona" ("Dear Mona") in the weekly tabloid Story, but her roots are with the radio. Meanwhile she is back on radio, but now with a segment on the provincial station for Dutch Limburg, L1.

Jo Smeets, alias "Jojo", was a regional name for the German folk music shows ("schlager music") that he hosted, an activity for which Radio Veronica Anders was an important marketing tool in its heydays.

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Call In to the Studio

Participation was always well-appreciated by the radio station, although it was sometimes nearly non-existent.

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