The Ontbijtclub

The Ontbijtclub (Breakfast Club) was a talk show on Sunday morning in which mostly regional events were discussed with guests.

Sometimes also Artists were guests in the Ontbijtclub or earlier-recorded interviews with Artists were broadcast. The Ontbijtclub was seen by the radio station as one of its most important shows.

"The Horse" of Cliff Nobles & Co. was used as the start and end tune for the Ontbijtclub. A large part of this recording was used by the host as background music to talk over.

Hosts of the Ontbijtclub were among others:

  • Felix Vanderstraeten
  • Jo Frees
  • Johan Coolen (Radijohan)
  • Marcel van Cleef
  • Marcel van Roelen
  • Pierre Swennen
  • Roel van Brakel
  • Sander Loven (Geen Ander dan Sander)

During the Ontbijtclub often there were snack sandwiches ("the breakfast") available in the studio.

Here are some sound tracks. For some more tracks from the Ontbijtclub, see also OLS Stokkem '94.

Download Name Play Size Duration
download Afsluiting
Marcel van Cleef

1.1 MB 0:57 min
    Comments: Fragment waarin Marcel afscheid neemt van de luisteraars en de gasten nog eens opsomt
download Introductiepraatje
Johan Coolen

1.8 MB 1:28 min
    Comments: Johan Coolen maakt reclame voor de Ontbijtclub. Dit fragment is gebruikt in "Geen Ander dan Sander", zondag 5 juni 1994
download Verkiezingen EV 2000
Marcel van Cleef

45.2 MB 49:25 min
    Comments: Gesprek met leden van EV 2000 oftewel EV i.v.m. aanstaande verkiezingen
download Verkiezingen VLD
Marcel van Cleef

8.8 MB 9:36 min
    Comments: Gesprek met leden van VLD i.v.m. aanstaande verkiezingen

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