Bleumerstraat 59

The station had (rented) its own building on the Bleumerstraat (street) in Maaseik. A long, narrow building with three stories and a basement, that was in a bad condition for a long time already.

Google Street View shows that the building disappeared, and a new house replaces it.

But its neighbours are still the same: for instance, no. 61 is still the store of L. Stakenborg, where we could retrieve a spare key to enter the studio building.

Google Street View shows the current building on the Bleumerstraat where once the station was located

The studio building was laid out as follows:

i. Reception area with front door and big window along the Bleumerstraat
ii. Basement
iii. Stairs to 2nd floor
iv. Record collection (singles, Dutch language)
v. Long, long hallway
vi. Kitchen
vii. Restroom (bath room)
iix. Transmitter (FM)
ix. Antenna pole


1. In use as office
2. Primary studio
3. Interview studio (seats, microphones)
4. Secondary studio
5. In use as editorial room

The floors and walls of the studios and the long hallway were upholstered with carpet, which lead to excellent acoustic characteristics.

Floor plan of the studio building with studios 1. through 5. along a long hallway

At a later time the studios 2. and 3. were merged together.

On the 2nd floor were located the record collection (singles, other languages) and the accounting office.

On the 3rd floor (attic) was located a disorderly little storage for excess equipment.

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