The transmitter that the radio station used was a Pascal FM 50 on FM frequency 105.6 MHz.

On the Internet I found some pictures of a similar Pascal device (these pictures are thus not of Veronica Anders).

Front view of Pascal FM 50

Rear view of Pascal FM 50

Inside of Pascal FM 50

Pictures taken from Kapaza where an inventory buyer offers a second-hand such transmitter.

The below document describes the coverage area of the station (from an information package for advertising sales). These numbers now look a little highish:

  • 90 000 listeners per day in Belgium: Maaseik, Neeroeteren, Opoeteren, Dorne, Elen, Rotem, Dilsen, Lanklaar, Stokkem, As, Leut, Maasmechelen, Vucht, Eisden, Boorsem, Ophoven, Geistingen, Kessenich, Kinrooi, Molenbeersel, Bree, Opitter, Tongerlo, Meeuwen, Gruitrode, Bocholt
  • 127 000 listeners per day in the Netherlands: regions Heerlen, Geleen, Sittard, Roermond, Echt, Weert
  • 60 000 listeners per day in Germany: regions Havert, Selfkant, Heinsberg, Tuddern

Coverage area of the station

Later a transmission limiter was chained in front of the transmitter with the purpose of using the available bandwidth as optimal and loudly as possible.

Settings transmission limiter

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Lokaal Kabaal

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