At Locations in Maaseik

The radio station had built an own network that connected pubs in the city with the studios.

Via this network it was possible to do live broadcasts from within these pubs, think e.g. of The Ontbijtclub.

This network was built with common electrical cable and went over long distances and thus suffered high electrical resistance and massive signal loss. Therefore the audio signal was amplified to high power (compared to the signals normally used in a studio) before being transmitted, and transformed back down in the studio.

The cables were fastened to the faces of buildings between the studio (Bleumerstraat) and the pubs in question. While facades got renovated over time, gaps arose in the network, but it is probable that nowadays some (older) buildings in the center of Maaseik still have cables of the radio station attached.

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A large part of this web site is also available in English. That might seem strange for a radio station from an area where Dutch is spoken.

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