This web site contains a large quantity of content regarding the radio station. But some favorites can be pointed out.

To get a good feeling of the ambiance of the original Veronica Anders I like to listen to the jingles from that era. Myself I'm also a fan of Lokaal Kabaal and I think back about Jojo (now deceased) with warm feelings. And if you want to get a feeling for the lovely unprofessionalism of local radio then there are a few hilarious snippets to be found of the OLS (even though I'm very proud that we could that kind of stuff).

Lacking more photographic material I myself like to view the photos of the studio 2 reconstruction.

And then I ponder... it was a great time!

Iris Jamaers and Sander Loven in the studio

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Press Id.

The radio station had no access to official press cards, but made its own identification cards for volunteers.

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