Vrije Vogel

Vrije Vogel Radio (Free Bird Radio) was possibly the most direct competitor of Radio Veronica Anders Maaseik.

Vrije Vogel Radio (104 MHz, later 107,6 MHz) was the underdog of radio in Maaseik. For instance it was located at the city limits, while Veronica Anders was located in the heart of Maaseik.

The time in which both radio stations changed their names was a turning point. Many listeners confused Lokale Radio Maaseik (LRM, previously Vrije Vogel Radio) with Radio Veronica Anders Maaseik, but LRM also had its ducks in a row, and the momentum on her side.

LRM still exists, and is one of only a few radio stations that kept its own identity and really provides a local programming on basis of a large number of own volunteers. In 2012 it celebrates its 30 year anniversary.

Logo of Vrije Vogel Radio (round)

Logo of Vrije Vogel Radio (107.6)

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