Keeping Track of Shows

In the beginning I kept accurate track of when I broadcasted on the radio station. It was a time of typewriters and titles were made with a letter mould.

A lot of handy work. I didn't want to keep this petty paperwork from you. You can see that my first broadcast (Non-Stop Music) was on August 13 1990 (see also: Me Arriving at RVAM).

List with own broadcastsList with own broadcasts

This entire document is available as PDF (1Mb).

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Geen Ander dan Sander

Sander decided in the summer seasons 1994 and 1995 to fill the hour on Sunday afternoon of the Wammes Eurke as it was broadcast in the winter season. This happened under the name: "Geen Ander Dan Sander" ("No Other than Sander").

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