Twee Uur Knettergek or Knettergek (Two Hours Funky-Crazy) was a show with a lot of party and carnival music.

The show was broadcasted on Saturday night between 22h00 and 0h00, and hosted by Rudi (Grispen), Jan and Björn (Gielen). Hier are some jingles.

Download Name Play Size Duration
download Jingle Björn Gielen
Sander Loven

0 MB 0:01 min
download Jingle Knettergek en namen
Sander Loven

0.1 MB 0:04 min
download Jingle Knettergek kort
Sander Loven

0.1 MB 0:04 min
download Jingle Knettergek lang
Sander Loven

0.4 MB 0:21 min
download Jingle Knettergek: zeker weten
Sander Loven

0.2 MB 0:12 min
download Jingle Knettergek: zweefvliegtuig
Sander Loven

0.3 MB 0:16 min

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