The Omgekeerde Wereld

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The Omgekeerde Wereld (the Upside Down World) was a show of Iris Jamaers and Sander Loven.

The radio show replaced the shows that each of them separately had previously on the same time (Saturday morning).

Iris Jamaers and Sander Loven in the studioIris Jamaers and Sander Loven in the studio

Volunteer identification card: Radio-Medewerker (Radio Volunteer)Volunteer identification card: Radio-Medewerker (Radio Volunteer)

Here are some jingles.

Download Name Play Size Duration
download Jingle prijsvraag fout
0.2 MB 0:10 min
download Jingle prijsvraag goed
0.3 MB 0:16 min
download Reclamespot de Omgekeerde Wereld
Sander Loven

0.2 MB 0:10 min

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