Pop-Poll '94

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Pop-Poll was an event on the radio. It was held a number of times, such as in 1994.

(See also the broadcast of Pop-Poll '90 by the Lokaal Kabaal team and Pop-Poll '93.)

Pop-Poll logo white on blackPop-Poll logo white on blackThe concept of the Pop-Poll was an election in a large number of popular categories, such as:

  • Man of 1994
  • Woman of 1994
  • Bitch of 1994
  • Dickhead of 1994
  • Police officer of 1994
  • Mail man of 1994

(And more)

The election took place by filling out forms (PDF, 1Mb) that were scattered around at a number of pubs in Maaseik. For the winners in each category there was a certificate (PDF, 0,4Mb), as far as they actually could and wanted to accept/receive.

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